The Heirloom Series

I love a sweet personal project and this one has me so excited!

heirloom series.jpg

Introducing the Heirloom Series………

Do you have something at home that has sentimental value to you? An old toy, your favourite dress from your childhood, Great grandad’s army hat, the possibilities are endless, if it has special meaning to you, I’d love to capture your child with it. Lets put your heirlooms in a photo with something else that means the world to you!!

Once I have shot all the images I will put them together here and on facebook and tell the stories of the heirlooms.

If you would like to take part, I would absolutely love that!, send me a message and we can work out a time that suits you :)


Milk Bath mini sessions - June only

Very excited to offer a limited number of milk bath mini sessions in June, choose from 4 bath options, fruit loops, greenery or floral. Perfect for ages 8 months - 3 years (only 2 baths available for older children).

If you and your little one would like to join us in our Burleigh Heads studio for a splashing time, please contact me to book!

milk bath mini.jpg

Looking for identical twins.


For ages I’ve had an idea for a personal project I want to do, and now seems the time to get it started.

I am looking for “identical” twins - are you a monozygotic twin, or a parent of monozygotic twins? 

If so I’d love to chat with you. Use the contact button if you’d like to know more.

Fine Art Portraits

Over the last few months I have been working on offering a different style of children portrait, something timeless while still modern. And I am so excited to launch these, they truly make my heart sing!

Introducing the Fine Art Portrait package......

fine art portrait

What makes "Fine Art Portraits" different to other sessions?

Fine Art sessions are in studio, they are more posed and more edited than a regular session, they are about getting a couple of beautiful images to put on the wall. They are classic and timeless.
They are a session that you wear your "Sunday best" for, or you can choose from outfits that we have in the studio, they are styled to be beautiful.


After your Fine Art Portrait session you will come back to the studio and choose your favourite images from the session. Every session includes one matted 5x7 print.
You will be shown a gallery of a minimum of 10 images.


Every session will include a minimum or 2 different looks.


You can then choose as many images as you wish to buy, there is no minimum spend. 
All images purchased come with the matching digital file.
Packages of 10 and 20 images come in a beautiful box, you can also order framed prints, folios and albums


Session prices start from $125, with packages from $375
To book your session please use the contact tab above.