Motherhood, it is such a transformative part of our lives, for me being a mum is by far the greatest thing I have ever done.

As a photographer, capturing mums and their children (young and old) has always been something that has been important to me and as my big kids get bigger and fly the coop, the desire for me to photograph mothers has just become stronger. If you told me I could only photograph one thing, without a doubt it would be mothers.

3 years ago I started my celebrating motherhood sessions and it is finally time for me to focus more on this. I will continue to photograph newborns and families, but I want to put a lot more of my energy and my soul into making sure mothers are in photos.

I know as a mum who has constantly battled with my weight, that it is often hard to like how we look in photos, we are our own worst critics and for this reason many of us would much rather take the photos than be in them. But I promise you, your kids won’t look at these photos and say, gee you were fat mum, they will look at them and say look how much you loved me, look at how small I was in your arms, and in all honestly as your kids get older, they will be laughing at how they looked, or their big brother’s fashion sense (maybe your fashion sense too) but they will be so grateful that they have photos that you are in too.

There is no better time to get photos of you and your kids than now, who knows when the next chance will be. Do not wait until you are your ideal weight, the perfect version of you is the one your kids see today. I stand by this so strongly that I am even offering you a free photo shoot*, not this one, but when you are your perfect self in your eyes, sure lose that weight if its bugging you, and when you do, come back and we will do some more photos, you can never have too many right!

I know as mothers we all want different things, we all have different budgets, time constraints, loves, availability so I have put together a few different options for photo shoots. Please click on the images below to learn more.